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Description of the Woow-Cams project

Woow-cams – This is an entertainment platform for an adult audience, on the basis of which a streaming video and text chat service with models will be developed, using blockchain technology and own token WCC for settlement system.

The developed WCC token, the use of which is supposed to be the platform currency, дfor integration of it and all services with block technologies and crypto-currencies, will be created in the standard ERC20 Ethereum. Our team intends to expose WCC to several crypto-exchange exchanges.

The basic principles of our service:

  • Complete anonymity and user security
  • Using an encrypted channel to exchange information and the lack of any user data
  • Absence of financial intermediaries and restrictions of the banking sector
  • Loyalty and instant payments to models
  • Encryption of correspondence within the platform (including with the administration)
  • Simplicity and convenience for beginning models and partners, including affiliate programs.


Learn about the benefits of working with Woow-Cams

Sell tokens

Implementation of the possibility of selling tokens on crypto-exchange exchanges at the rate of the site

Special status

The investor will be able to use his tokens on our website, immediately acquiring unlimited VIP status

Redemption of tokens

12 months after the ICO, our company will redeem the remaining tokens from investors at more favorable prices

Affiliate program

Profit by investors can also be obtained in affiliate programs (affiliates) granted on more favorable terms than other partners.

Road map

The Way of Our Work

Conducting Pre-ICO

Registration of the law firm, launch of the prototype of the site

Work on improving the site, registering the first 50 models on the site

Testing the beta version of the site

Start ICO

Acquisition of real estate and equipment, production work

Full launch of the site

Festive SALE, release of mobile application for users

Release mobile application for models

Starting a VIP service

Running the VR application


A little bit about the technical implementation

pragma solidity ^0.4.16;

contract BetaToken {
    string public name = 'BetaToken';
    string public symbol = 'BCC';
    uint8 public decimals = 18;

	uint256 public INITIAL_SUPPLY = 160000000;

    mapping (address => uint256) public balanceOf;

    event Transfer(address indexed from, address indexed to, uint256 value);

    function BetaToken() public {
		balanceOf[msg.sender] = INITIAL_SUPPLY;
		balanceOf[msg.sender] = initialSupply;
        name = tokenName;
        symbol = tokenSymbol;
        decimals = decimalUnits;
  • Name of the token

  • Token symbol

  • Token standart
    Ethereum ERC20

  • Maximum number of tokens
    206 000 000 WCC

  • Cost of the token
    0.0004 ЕТН

Project Details

Learn all the details

  • Pre-ICO Dates
    18.05.2018 6.00 GMT - 31.05.2018 16.00 GMT

  • Maximum number of tokens sold
    9 000 000 with a discount of 50%, 1 token = 0.0002 ETH

  • Dates of the ICO

  • Maximum number of tokens sold
    72 000 000

  • Accepted currencies
    ЕТН, BTC

  • Date of release of the token

  • Soft Cap ICO
    3 750 ЕТН

  • Hard cap
    15 075 ЕТН

  • Tokens for sale (35%)
  • Bounty program (5%)
  • Support and involvement of models (5%)
  • Team reward (10%)
  • Project Ecosystem (45%)


Get the most out of the purchase of tokens

0.0002 ETH / WCC

Pre-ICO (18.05-31.05.18)

Saving 50%

0.00024 ETH / WCC

ICO (27.07-02.08.18)

Saving 40%

0.00028 ETH / WCC

ICO (03.08-09.08.18)

Saving 30%

0.00032 ETH / WCC

ICO (10.08-16.08.18)

Saving 20%

0.00036 ETH / WCC

ICO (17.08-23.08.18)

Saving 10%

0.00038 ETH / WCC

ICO (24.08-06.09.18)

Saving 5%

0.0004 ETH / WCC

ICO (07.09-21.09.18)

Without discounts


Find answers to your questions

How many tokens will be issue? How many tokens will you plan to sell during the period of the pre-ICO campaign and the ICO?

We will sell up to 206 000 000 WCC tokens. Up to 9 000 000 WCC tokens are involved in the sale on pre-ICO, up to 63 00 000 WСС WCC tokens are involved in the sale of ICO. Those of buyers who will hurry up and buy tokens in the beginning of sale, will get larger discounts. Last buyers will buy without discount

Where I can see status of WCC ICO crowd funding?

You can see the current status of ICO at our official web-site wccico.com

How fast WCC tokens will arrive to my address?

WCC tokens will arrive to your Ethereum address immediately after your payment transaction is processed by Ethereum network

What GAS and GASLIMIT should I use?

We recommend to set GAS = 30 GW, and GAS LIMIT = 85000. This applies to the normal mode of Ethereum network functioning, when no any issues with Ethereum network itself.If there are many transactions in the Ethereum network on the queue, it makes sense to increase the value of GAS and GASLIMIT

Can I send ETH to WCC smart contract address from an Exchange where I have account?

No! You should never send ETH to WCC contract from any of exchanges! If you send ETH directly from exchange, then exchange will receive WCC tokens, but not you!

You must send ETH to WCC smart contract address from your own Ethereum Wallet. The wallet can be MyEtherWallet, Mist, Parity or any other ERC-20 compatible Ethereum wallet.

How much is the minimum and maximum investment?

The minimum amount of investment is 500 WCC tokens. You can sent any amount of ETH to WCC smart contract address, but not less than the minimum amount. After your buy transaction processed by Ethereum network, you will immediately receive WCC tokens back to your wallet address.

Can I send non-integer amount of ETH?

Yes, you can send any quantity of ETH. For example, 2.365 ETH – all are valid payment, but not less than the minimum tokens amount. Anyway you will receive back the amount of WCC tokens calculated from current sale price.

Where I can keep my WCC tokens? Which wallets I can use?

Any of Ethereum ERC-20 compatible wallets are good for keeping WCC tokens. For example, you can keep WCC tokens at MyEtherWallet, Mist, Parity, imToken or any other ERC-20 compatible Ethereum wallet.

How I can send WCC tokens to someone else address or to an exchange? How can I do it?

WCC tokens can be sent to any of Ethereum addresses. Also WCC tokens can be sent to any of exchanges, which declared support of WCC tokens. To send WCC tokens you should check instructions of the wallet software which you are using.

When exchanges will start accepting WCC tokens for trading?

We will connect exchanges for WCC trading during the three months after the ICO end date. And in the following months we are planning to connect more and more exchanges.

WCC tokens is securities?

No, it is not.

Can citizens of USA, China buy WCC tokens?

No, unfortunately, citizens / residents of the US, China cannot participate in the WCC ICO. There are some restrictions in laws of these countries, which can prohibit the ICO project whereas precedents in the jurisdiction of the United States, China.

Do you have bounty campaign for WCC ICO?

Yes, we have. See information about bounty campaign here тут

How many tokens do you allocate to bounty campaign?

We will allocate a 5 % reward of the tokens amount issued. Tokens will be distributed among the participants of the bounty campaign, depending on the activity of the participant. They will immediately receive WCC tokens back to their wallet address. We appreciate the work of each member of the team and pay a reward depending on the activity.

When bounty tokens will be distributed to bounty campaign participants?

All bounty tokens will be distributed during 21 days after ICO end date.

When and where you are planning to launch WOOW - CAMS services?

We will develop and deploy WOOW – CAMS services, which are provided in our Roadmap. You will find Roadmap at our official website wccico.com in a WHITE PAPER section

What are the advantages of WOOW-CAMS over rivals?

We are the first project offering content adult services in a terms and conditions of absolute anonymity due to the secure storage of user data, the absence of financial intermediaries, instant payments to our models, inner platform correspondence encryption (including administration correspondence), respect and loyalty to our models, simplicity and convenience for the beginning-models and partners (affiliates).

What product does the WOOW-CAMS service offer?

WOOW-CAMS is the first web-cam entertainment online platform for adults fully constructed on a using blockchain technology. We are a fundamentally new platform, because we build our business model on the exclusion of intermediaries and process automation.

What will you do to avoid emerging risks dealing with adult content?

We will offer our users to register their own internal crypto-currency wallet with binding only to the username and password, without requesting any additional data in order to provide the users with full anonymity and secure protection of personal data.

How I can use WCC tokens?

The following usage of WCC tokens will have place:

  1. You will be able to sell WCC tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges.
  2. You can pay WOOW-CAMS models for their services
  3. You can organize the purchase and transfer of a physical gift for the WOOW-CAM model, paying tokens on the website
  4. You can sell tokens back to WOOW-CAMS website, with good premium to initial price
  5. You can buy goods in WOOW-CAMS online shop

Do you plan to advertise on the website?

Our platform will be spared from advertising, as earning on the site is planned in a completely different way.

Project manager, financial and investment consultant


Design of the project, web development


Купить WCC

Purchase of tokens

To purchase WCC tokens, send ETH to the following Ethereum address:


ATTENTION: DO NOT send ETH (Ether) from any exchanges (Coinbase, Kraken, Polioniex, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Bittrex and any others). Send ETH only from your wallet!

If you have any questions or have any problems, please check the FAQ or contact us directly.

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